Kon Corporation, a leading company of Photocatalyst Technology for clean earth.


Aqueous type titanium dioxide photocatalyst coating solution developed by Saga Prefecture.
Ceramic Research Lab are quite different from ordinary agent-type TiO2 solutions.
The production method and dispertion technique of anatase were invented by Dr.Ichinose of the research lab.
Saga Prefecture obtained the Patent in January 1999.Peroxide titanium photocatalyst coating solutions are now acknowledged as the best quality products in the world.
Kon Corporation produces seven kinds titanium dioxide coating solutions.


PTA is an amorphous condition aqueous solution.
PTA does not have any photocatalytic functions under room temperature unless it is heated to more than 250 degrees centigrade.
A very fine titanium dioxide film can be made on a surface of a substrate at room temperature. It can be used as a protection layer for an organic substrate.
After it is dried completely the coated film with TiO2 never dissove in water. PTA-85 is suitable for spray coating and PTA-170 is used for dip coating.



TOsol differes from PTA.
It is already crystallized and showsthe strong photocatalytic activity when it is coated and dried.
In case of flat and smooth surface the TiO2 coated to the substrate comes off as a powder when rubbed with a finger because TOsol cannot form a hardness film at room temperature.
However the hardness of the film coated with TOsol can be improved when it is heated to certain temperature.



TPX is mixed solution of PTA and TOsol.
A film coated by TPX achieves photocatalytic effect and hardness strength of the film after drying at room temperature.
The film hardness becomes 2H to 5H. TPX is a neutral solution that can be allied to various materials including metal and resin.
Photocatalytic effect and hardness of the film can be increased when it is heated within the permissible high temperature of the substrate.
A coated film does not decrease the hardness due to the time change.



TPX-HL/Visible light type

TPX-HL solution can respond to visible light wave of 490nm.


TPX-VB/Sterillizing type

TPX-VB is produced by a new and existing combined technologyto increse the sterillizing function in a dark room.


TPX-AD/Powerful absorbent type

TPX-AD has strong absorbent properties to decompose organiccompounds.


TPX-HP/Super hydrophilicity

It is a suitable coating solution for window glass.